Lighting the Clean Revolution

The proposed project aims to speed up the global switch over to LED lighting by:

a)         Supporting those who have the power and influence to purchase LEDs at scale, e.g City Managers, to overcome the key challenges and barriers which are preventing them from making the switch over;

b)         Increasing awareness of the social benefits associated with LED solutions such as higher productivity at work, increased road safety, more effective school learning and an enhanced sense of well-being and comfort, to make a stronger business case for switching to LED lighting;

c)         Building on the successful LightSavers trials which proved the business case for outdoor lighting and evaluated the potential of indoor lighting to further reduce our carbon emissions from global lighting.

Climate Central conducts media and NGO outreach and present results online in downloadable form.

Project’s duration: 36 months

Localisation: India and Greater China (includes Hong Kong) regions

India and Greater China (includes Hong Kong) regions

Project Initiator

The Climate Group