Access to water and resilience to change

A humanitarian crisis is afflicting Niger due to lack of access to essential resources, and thwarting the satisfaction of the basic needs (eating, drinking, enjoying good health). Ecological difficulties are widespread because farming methods are not suited to the resources, and damage to biodiversity has been noted. The two towns of Bagaroua and Illela, located in the sub-Saharan region of Niger, are facing severe deterioration of their means of production and subsistence, leaving residents confronted with food insecurity.

The project aims to overcome three major challenges:

-To strengthen commune-level governance on water and sanitation through staff training and support from the authorities,

-To improve access to water and sanitation by developing the infrastructure and implementing awareness campaigns,

-To combat desertification and restore spaces by establishing a green belt, via land use management techniques and soil recovery.

To this end, residents will be involved in land recovery and the restoration of degraded land, in order to introduce them to environmental protection. In the long term, the goal is to build and strengthen local capacities and skills, and to allow the stakeholders in these territories to take responsibility for their development on a sustainable basis.

Localisation: Niger


Project Initiator

Eau Vive