Solar energy for domestic needs

In Togo, more than 80% of the energy needs of rural and suburban households required for cooking food are met by using wood charcoal. The environmental consequences are major: deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, etc. But the social repercussions are just as significant: the women go long distances and spend a long time looking for wood, or have to buy it at very high prices.

In order to limit or stop wood consumption, this project aims to introduce and encourage the use of solar ovens, cookstoves and dryers in households in the Savannah region.

Initially, training is offered to 50 artisans of the Groupement Inter Professionnel des Artisans du Togo (GIPATO / Savannah region) who will then be able to manufacture solar ovens, cookstoves and dryers from local materials (iron, plywood, kapok, glass...) to meet household energy (cooking) needs.

The next stage is to make women and young girls aware of the advantages of these new materials so that they adopt new methods of cooking and processing food. The introductory phase is monitored regularly to ensure correct use of the equipment and to identify and solve any problems that may arise.

Solar energy for domestic needs
Solar energy for domestic needs
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