Love Malawi, Plant a tree initiative

In Malawi, wood is used as an energy source. The poor forest management has led to a high rate of deforestation, that has an impact on both local communities and biodiversity.

Aware of the need to train and raise awareness about the implications of climate change and the good environmental management practices among local communities, PADEP has launched in 2014 the project “Love Malawi Plant a tree” which is targeting to plant about 1,000,000 trees in five years. 180 000 trees were replanted across the 7 districts during the first year.

Distinct aspects constitute the project: the acquisition of seeds and the development of a tree nursery; the education of 30 local communities on the importance of protecting environment; the reforestation of the Malosa forest and the area surrounding the reserve; the involvement of Malosa secondary students in the initiative.

Localisation: Malawi


Project Initiator

Pamthunzi Anglican Development Program