Conférence et side-event, réduction des émissions de méthane

Without minimizing the importance of reducing CO2 emissions, the objective of this symposium was to deliver specific insights about short-lasting pollutants, and particularly methane. This conference provided an opportunity to take stock of an effective implementation of methane reduction. The results that emerged from the confrontation of stakeholders’ ideas and practices were presented at COP21. Indeed, a better inclusion of such a global scope topic could have significant impact toward reducing Greenhouse gases.

Through this event dedicated to commitments and solutions for Climate, the Veolia Institute has provided key lessons about the state of science about methane, innovative possible solutions for emitter sectors and debates on financial instruments to reach a true reduction of methane emissions.

The organisers are now pursuing their effort to raise awareness about methane and its impact on greenhouse gases. 

Localisation: Monaco


Project Initiator

Veolia Institute