The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Israel, Jordan and Palestine share the same air, the same land and the same water, and are confronted with various environmental challenges. Unfortunately, many years of conflict between these countries, including the "cold peace" between Israel and Jordan, have made them unable to cooperate on critical environmental issues. Intercultural and transborder cooperation is indeed imperative and there is an urgent need to encourage new cooperation and strengthen existing partnerships.

The Arava Institute's Environmental Studies Programme is designed to offer advanced training to young Arab and Jewish environmentalists in order to guarantee them an effective career in environmental activism and regional cooperation. Taught in English, the core curriculum includes an education based on nature conservation and pollution prevention. 

The main objective of this programme is to provide environmental players with the knowledge and skills necessary to jointly resolve environmental issues.  The Arava Institute enables students to become part of a multicultural environment where they work alongside each other to build a sustainable future.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

Localisation: Israel, Jordan and Palestine

Israel, Jordan and Palestine

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Arava Institute for Environmental Studies