Photo exhibition


For about thirty years, scientists have realised that the oceans are much more fragile than many believed. Their resources are in fact limited and the fish stocks are collapsing due to overfishing. Absorbing close to 1/3 of CO2 released into the atmosphere by the combustion of fossil fuels, oceans are increasingly exposed to the problem of acidification, which also has detrimental effects on the environment.

Showcasing close to eighty 120 x 180 cm photographs, the aim of the exhibition "Planète Mers" is to explain to a wide audience the problem of ocean acidification and to raise public awareness about protecting marine life.

Part of this exhibition took place on the prison terrace, in open air, below the oceanographic museum and the Galerie des Pêcheurs.

The spotlight was on animal portraits and macro shots taking the spectator on a journey into the intimacy of the lives of marine animals. The images were taken in tropical and polar seas during dives as deep as 150 metres carried out by Laurent Ballestra.

Photo exhibition

Localisation: Monaco


Project Initiator

The Association L’œil d’Andromède