Waste-to-energy from biogas in Punta Arenas

2006- 2008

Biogas significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, as it is composed primarily of Methane which has a warming potential 23 times higher than that of CO².

The majority of medium-sized landfills in Southern countries represent a serious danger for the environment as they are not exploited for energy purposes, due to the fact that major environmental groups are only interested in sites with a potential of over 10 MW.

The project consists of two investment phases:

- First phase: installation of a capture unit and destruction of biogas extracted from the landfill by a flaring system.

- Second phase: installation of generators operating on biogas which will produce electricity to be sold to the local network.

The project will cover a 15-year period and will help to cut greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating methane through combustion and producing electricity from renewable energy.

Waste-to-energy from biogas in Punta Arenas

Localisation: Chili


Project Initiator

BIONERIS S.A. and its Chilean subsidiary Sociedad de Esplotacion de Biogases Australes