Exhibition: "Wealth of the rainforest"

More than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to the destruction of tropical rainforests, which leads to soil degradation, depletion of biodiversity and identity loss for the local populations.

The Principality wants to make a contribution by launching an initiative for the promotion and use of certified wood in the Principality and by setting up a public awareness campaign.

The exhibition “Richesse de la forêt tropicale” (Wealth of the tropical rainforest), the result of a rich and diverse journey of discovery in the rainforests of the world, unveils these fascinating but extremely endangered sites, often little known and little understood.  With these amazing photographs, Cyril Ruoso not only shows us a unique ecosystem, but also a lifestyle: the Baka pygmy culture whose fate is closely linked to that of the forest. With this journey into the heart of the tropical rainforests, we discover a world that we must protect at all costs.



Project Initiator

Cyril Ruoso