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2007 - 2010

Despite its rich endemic biodiversity, Madagascar suffers from severe deforestation and the degradation of its renewable natural resources. This situation is partly due to a lack of understanding concerning the functioning of the ecosystems and lack of information and education concerning the environment.

The aim of the Clubs Vintsy programme is to address these issues by raising the awareness of schoolchildren, students and teachers with the setting up and the supporting of a national network of environmental clubs.

The programme consists of three phases:

- The organisation and running of Vintsy Clubs in schools, with public information meetings for the local communities and awareness campaigns.

- The design, publishing and distribution of technical and communication material for schoolchildren taking part in the programme.

- An awareness campaign for those in charge at the Ministry of National Education to promote the setting up of Vintsy Clubs and the training of teachers.

Over 450 Vintsy Clubs have been created as part of the project. This project resulted in the creation of a dynamic national network of young players trained in environmental issues.

Localisation: Madagascar


Project Initiator

WWF International